Soft Condensed Matter Group

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We are part of the master's program Biophysics of the LMU Munich.

At the Chair of Soft Condensed Matter Physics we offer student research projects, bachelor's, master's and PhD theses. The topics include a broad variety of problems in

  • soft condensed matter physics
  • DNA nanotechnology
  • organic-electronic and biointerfaces
  • bacterial biophysics

Looking for a bachelor's thesis? See here.

Looking for a master's thesis? See here.

For further information please contact one of the senior group leaders:

Prof. Joachim Rädler: 

Prof. Tim Liedl: 

PD Dr. Bert Nickel:

Dr. Madeleine Opitz:

Dr. Philipp Paulitschke:

If you are interested in doing your bachelor's thesis directly in the group of Joachim Rädler please contact Alexandra Murschhauser.