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List of open master's theses

Master’s Thesis in Physics, Chemistry and Genetics Transforming Science into Diagnostics

At DEOXY, we develop an instrument that measures genomic activity.
We strive to develop a breakthrough technology that actually matters.



DEOXY is a spinoff project based at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) in Munich at the chair of Prof. Dr. Joachim Rädler. We are a closely collaborating team with backgrounds from research to industry and from physics to biology.

We are working on a technology for advanced genetic measurements. Based on which we will develop a product for scientists in biological research and for medical personnel in clinical diagnostics. Our integrated approach comprises of an automated instrument, nanoparticles (the magic), high-performance substrates and a data evaluation software suite.
We cherish and cultivate our team culture: the people we work with are important to us.



  • DNA Origami
  • Reaction kinetic analysis
  • Algorithms for image analysis
  •  Bioinformatic algorithms for genetic analysis
  •  Fluorescence microscopy
  •  Genetic analysis of biological samples
  •  Substrate chemistry
  •  Fluidics and automation


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Analysis of Biofilm Formation with a Novel Diffraction-Based Biosensor

The formation of biofilms causes severe problems in several fields such as industry, healthcare and antibiotic resistance. Biofilms can hereby cause corrosion on aquatic installations or be the reason for severe infections inside the human body. One of the reasons of the latter is that biofilms can resist concentrations of antibiotics hundreds or even a thousand times higher than their counterparts in suspension. To understand and control the growth of biofilms on a number of different surfaces, the bacterial growth and motility shall be analyzed with our patented, highly sensitive detection method. This method, which can detect surface coverage and bacterial motility in real-time will be used to analyze the formation of biofilms on different surfaces and to study the resistance to antibiotics depending on the state of the biofilm.

You'll learn:

  • semi-conductor fabrication techniques in our in-house clean room for our nanostructures sensor device
  • bacterial cell handling and cultivation
  • high-throughput antibiotics measurements and analysis of biofilm forming

Your qualifications:

  • highly motivated
  • basic knowledge in optics
  • strong academic background
For more details, see the attached PDF.

Starting from: summer term 2018

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