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Elisavet Chatzopoulou

Elisavet Chatzopoulou

Ph.D. Student


Department für Physik - Lehrstuhl Prof. Rädler
Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1
80539 München

Room: NZ030
Phone: +49-(0)89-2180-2430
Fax: +49-(0)89-2180-1452

Work group

Rädler Group


1. Development of a Quantitative Single Cell Cytolysis Assay

Natural killer (NK) cells, a subtype of cytotoxic lymphocytes, play a crucial role in immunity. They recognize infected and cancerous cells, form with them a specific one-to-one immune synapse and eventually eliminate them through the perforin/granzyme pathway. This innate mechanism can be manipulated as a potent cancer therapy using antibodies or recombinant proteins that target both cell types of interest. Our aim is the development of single-cell platforms to uncover the special characteristics of the cell-mediated cytolysis.

2. Development of a single-cell ELISA assay

3. Label-free monitoring of individual cell timing after induction of apoptosis using micro-trenches arrays


Chip-based platform for dynamic analysis of NK cell cytolysis mediated by a triplebody. Elisavet I. Chatzopoulou, Claudia C. Roskopf, Farzad Sekhavati, Todd A. Braciak, Nadja C. Fenn, Karl-Peter Hopfner, Fuat S. Oduncu, Georg H. Fey and Joachim O. Rädler. Analyst, 2016, DOI: 10.1039/C5AN02585K