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Lunch Seminar Soft Matter and Biological Physics

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WiSe 2017/18
Dieter Braun, Chase Broedersz, Erwin Frey, Hermann Gaub, Tim Liedl, Jan Lipfert, Joachim Rädler
Each Tuesday at 12:15, Kleiner Physiksaal N020

Oct 17 Thorben Cordes
(Biocenter, Department Biology I, LMU)
Dynamic structural biology of membrane transporters: tools and applications (abstract
Oct 24 tba tba
Oct 30 note special date and time: Monday, 10.15 am Alexandra Zidovska, PhD
(Center for Soft Matter Research
New York University)
The "self-stirred" genome: Bulk and surface dynamics of the chromatin globuletba 
Oct 31 Holiday (Luther day)  
Nov 7  Louise Jawerth (MPI-PKS Dresden) Fibers and glasses: the complex behavior of protein droplets
Nov 14 Christian Eggeling (Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Oxford) New insights into plasma membrane organization from super-resolution microscopy
Nov 21 Xavier Trepat (IBEC Barcelona) Forces driving migration, division, and folding in cellular layers
Nov 28 David Lubensky (University of Michigan) Fibers, cables, and force transmission in planar tissues
Dec 5   Kurt Schmoller (Helmholtz-Institut München) Size-dependent protein homeostasis and its role in cell size control
Dec 12 Michael Heymann (MPI für Biochemie München) From molecules to cells: 3D printing at the diffraction limit to probe protein dynamics
Dec 19 tba tba
Jan 9 tba tba
Jan 16 Dr. Louis Reese (TU Delft) tba
Jan 23 John McCaskill (Ruhr-University Bochum) Exploiting gradients in solution for autonomous evolvable microparticles
Jan 30 tba tba
Feb 6 Markus Meissner (LMU) tba